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Day 1 - January 24, 2019

Opening [9.30 – 10.00, January 24]

Paper Session 1 – “Representations” [10.00 – 11.30, January 24]
Session chair: Mark Sandler

Requirements for a File Format for Smart Musical Instruments
Luca Turchet1,2, Panos Kudumakis1
1Queen Mary University of London, 2University of Trento

Multimodal Collaborative Music Information Processing and Retrieval: Survey and Future Challenges
Federico Simonetta, Stavros Ntalampiras, Federico Avanzini
University of Milan

Three-Dimensional Mapping of High-Level Music Features for Music Browsing
Stefano Cherubin, Clara Borrelli, Michele Buccoli, Massimiliano Zanoni, Augusto Sarti, Stefano Tubaro
Politecnico di Milano

State of the Art and Perspectives in Multi-Layer Formats for Music Representation
Adriano Baratè, Goffredo Haus, Luca Andrea Ludovico
University of Milan

Coffee Break [11.30 – 12.00, January 24]

Panel 1 – “IEEE 1599: History, Technical Notes, Demos” [12.00 – 13.00, January 24]

History of IEEE 1599
Goffredo Haus
University of Milan

Technical Notes
Luca A. Ludovico
University of Milan

Adriano Baratè
University of Milan

Lunch [13.00 – 14.30, January 24]

Paper Session 2 – “Applications” [14.30 – 16.00, January 24]
Session chair: Stavros Ntalampiras

Heretic: Modeling Anthony Braxton's Language Music
Hunter Brown, Michael Casey
Dartmouth College

A Multilayered Approach to Automatic Music Generation and Expressive Performance
Filippo Carnovalini, Antonio Rodà
Università degli Studi di Padova

Semantic Web Technology for New Experiences throughout the Music Production-Consumption Chain
Mark Sandler1, Steve Benford2, David De Roure3, Kevin Page3
1Queen Mary University of London, 2University of Nottingham, 3University of Oxford

Automated Analysis of Postural and Movement Qualities of Violin Players
Erica Volta, Gualtiero Volpe
DIBRIS, University of Genova

Presentation of LIM’s Research Activities and Development of Synergies [16.00 – 17.00, January 24]

Social Dinner [20.00, January 24]
Via Pasquale Paoli, 2 - 20143 Milano
Menù degustazione, 35€
300m away from Porta Genova subway station, Line 2 (green)

Day 2 - January 25, 2019

Paper Session 3 – “Methods” [9.30 – 11.30, January 25]
Session chair: Davide Rocchesso

Improving Singing Voice Separation Using Attribute-Aware Deep Network
Rupak Vignesh Swaminathan1, Alexander Lerch2, Inc, 2Georgia Institute of Technology

On the Use of U-Net for Dominant Melody Estimation in Polyphonic Music
Guillaume Doras1, Philippe Esling2, Geoffroy Peeters3
1Sacem, 2Ircam, 3Telecom ParisTech

Chroma Interval Content as a Key-Independent Harmonic Progression Feature
Marcelo Queiroz, Rodrigo Borges
University of São Paulo

The Effect of Explicit Structure Encoding of Deep Neural Networks for Symbolic Music Generation
Ke Chen1,4, Weilin Zhang2,4, Shlomo Dubnov3, Gus Xia4, Wei Li1
1Fudan University, 2University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, 3University of California San Diego, 4NYU Shanghai

Multi-Task Learning for Polyphonic Piano Transcription, a Case Study
Rainer Kelz1, Sebastian Böck1, Gerhard Widmer2
1The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), 2Johannes Kepler University Linz

Coffee Break [11.30 – 12.00, January 25]

Keynote – “Multimodal Man-Machine Interfaces for Music Interaction” [12.00 – 13.00, January 25]
Antonio Camurri
Università degli Studi di Genova

Lunch [13.00 – 14.30, January 25]

Panel 2 – “IEEE 1599: Goals of the New PAR WG_1599” [14.30 – 15.30, January 25]

The New PAR and Its Goals
Goffredo Haus
University of Milan

Panelists: Antonio Camurri (University of Genova), Davide De Roure (University of Oxford), Shlomo Dubnov (University of California San Diego), Davide Andrea Mauro (Marshall University), Mark Sandler (Queen Mary University London), Luca Turchet (Queen Mary University London, University of Trento), David Weigl (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna)

Coffee Break [15.30 – 16.00, January 25]

Panel 3 – “IEEE 1599: Structure of the Working Group, Draft of Workplan” [16.00 – 17.00, January 25]

Closing [17.00 – 17.30, January 25]

Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale
Dipartimento di Informatica
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Celoria 18, 20133 Milano, ITALY
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